VanderWall comments on budget process reforms, finalizing bills to restore many of governor’s cuts

LANSING, Mich. — After the Michigan Senate on Tuesday sent the governor legislation to make important budget process reforms and restore more than $570 million of her fiscal year 2020 budget vetoes and transfers, Sen. Curt VanderWall, R-Ludington, issued the following statement.

“Since the governor’s vetoes, the Legislature has been fighting to restore balance in the budget process and ensure funding remains with taxpayer priorities.

“With the passage of today’s supplemental budget bills, we have restored more than $500 million in critical funding, including $27 million for payments in lieu of taxes (PILT) to rural northern communities; $5 million to rural hospitals; $13 million to county sheriff secondary road patrols; and $4 million to county veterans services.

“We have also worked to counter the governor’s use of an obscure state government board that usually approves leases and contracts to transfer more than $600 million in funds away from key programs, like supporting foster care children and people with disabilities.

“From now on, Gov. Whitmer and future governors will be required to give notice to the Legislature of intended budget transfers, and the Legislature may respond to those transfers by passing a concurrent resolution to restore any changes in funding.

“Today we have achieved three critical reforms: balance in the transfer process, reliability in the budget process and greater transparency and oversight of the executive branch.”