VanderWall encourages Manistee residents to test water after city samples raise alert

LANSING, Mich. — Sen. Curt VanderWall on Monday encouraged Manistee residents to test their water for lead after a recent sampling of 20 homes showed three samples had exceeded safety levels established by the Michigan Safe Drinking Water Act.

“Lead in water is a serious public health concern; there is no acceptable level of lead in drinking water. I strongly encourage those who are connected to the city of Manistee’s water supply to exercise caution, get their water tested and consider installing lead-reducing water filters,” said VanderWall, R-Ludington. “I applaud city officials for their proactive testing and responsible response to work with public health officials and assist affected residents. My office will continue to monitor this situation and support local officials and residents however we can.”

Manistee water customers who would like their service line inspected or to have their drinking water tested may contact the city of Manistee Department of Public Works at (231)723-7132.

City officials are working collaboratively with the Manistee County Health Department and state officials to make free water filters available for qualifying households. To qualify, you must be:

  • Connected to the city of Manistee water supply;
  • Have a pregnant woman and/or child(ren) under the age of 18 living or spending considerable time in the home; and
  • Be on WIC, Medicaid, or be willing to say that you cannot afford the cost of a water filter.

Filter distribution will begin on Friday, Nov. 12, at the city of Manistee Department of Public Works, 280 Washington St. On and after that date, qualified individuals can pick up filters between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Learn more about lead in water at